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Whether you need an Oil Change, Brakes, Check Engine Light, New Tires, or Transmission Repairs, Our Certified Master Mechanics Will Provide the Best Service with Highest Levels of Customer Satisfaction in Orange County California

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We provide the best services with high levels of customer satisfaction

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Kingdom Auto Repair provides complete automotive repair, maintenance and fleet services

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Free Brake Inspection with Oil Change $19.99 + taxes & fees

Free Battery Check with A/C Repair $39.99 + taxes & fees

Free Tire Rotation with Brakes $69.99  + taxes & fees

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We are a family operated, full service automotive service shop serving car owners from Anaheim, California. Our core value is integrity. KAR began with a simple belief – “there is a better way to run an Automotive shop.” Being honest and transparent with all of our customers is what has lead to our success.

Ignore These Vehicle Repairs and You May Get Pulled Over

Many drivers may feel that they don’t have the time or the funds to address vehicle fixes when they initially happen. Drivers should be careful of that habit, since it is possible to be ticketed by officers of the law.


Ignoring vehicle fixes may perceived as saving money to get it repaired for the time being. However, doing so can lead to additional costs, in the form of fines or tickets. A couple of dollars spent on regular vehicle fixes can help keep away issues with the law.


While a vehicle is in use, transit regulations specify that specific parts should be working properly and effectively. This includes brakes, headlights, blinkers, mirrors, windshields and seatbelts.


Kingdom Auto Repair suggests that drivers address these fixes ASAP as they present issues that can leave drivers with a traffic ticket as well as a bill.


  • Inactive blinkers and headlights/ taillights that are damaged or broken.

Most states expect vehicles to have working blinkers and two working headlights/ taillights. Taillights must emit red light; if a taillight is broken, it can project a white light, which is normally a criminal traffic offense.


  • Cracked windshield.

If a windshield is split, stained or tinted in a manner that hinders vision, drivers may get ticketed. In certain states, vehicle changes, for example, tinted windows, are prohibited.


  • License plates are mixed up.

If the tag light is out or if the plate is not visible, drivers might be pulled over. In certain states this incorporates clear or tinted plastic tag covers.


  • Loud Vehicles (Engines)

An engine that is excessively loud, either that it has been adjusted or the fact that it needs fixes, can be cause for a ticket. What is viewed as excessively loud relies upon the state.

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I want to Thank Irving for the excellent, quick, and friendly service and most of all the great price and trust worthy. I recommend Kingdom Auto Repair service.

Carolyn K

My car is my baby, and Irving took care of it with patience and love. The staff are always friendly and receptive to my questions, making the auto shop experience easy and enjoyable. Next time I need any work, I know who to call.

Reese Mathers

I took me a while with dealing with bad Mechanics just wanting my $$. I was referred by my father & ever since then I have not stop coming to get my cars needs…Great pricing compare to others around. Actually explained what was wrong with the car before automatically fixing like others have done in the past. GREAT PRICING, HONEST MECHANIC …ASK FOR IRVING. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Art Gomez

First off great customer service, Irving Calderon the manager was quick and hard working. He serviced my car for a thermostat replacement, water pump, changed 2 radiator hoses, and cleaned my engine in two hours and told me and showed me everything he did. Came in with an overheated car, now everything is running smoothly

Cynthia C


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