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Free Brake Inspection with Oil Change $19.99 + taxes & fees

Free Battery Check with A/C Repair $39.99 + taxes & fees

Free Tire Rotation with Brakes $69.99  + taxes & fees

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We are a family operated, full service automotive service shop serving auto owners from Fountain Valley, California. Our core value is integrity. KAR began with a simple belief – “there is a better way to run an Automotive shop.” Being honest and transparent with all of our customers is what has lead to our success.

Car Maintenance Myths that are Actually False

You need to change your oil every 3,000 miles

While many mechanics still push this same statement, it is false. Presently, most cars made inside the most recent decade require oil changes each 5,000 to 7,500 miles depending on the model. Present day technology has allowed modern cars to have an extended life when it comes to oil changes. Schedule your oil changes dependent on your owner’s manual suggestions.


Premium fuel is better for your car and will increase its performance

Unless your vehicle has a high-pressure execution motor that runs more smoking than most others, ordinary gas works fine. The less expensive 87 octane fuel still fulfill quality guidelines — it won’t hurt your motor. Higher octane gas has cleaners and protectants to keep turbo-charged motors in its best shape. It is more beneficial for sports car owners.

Vehicles that require costly, premium gas cost more to buy themselves. Standard gas should suit the normal valued vehicle. Check your owner’s manual to perceive what your vehicle producer recommends.


Vehicle servicing at independent repair shops will void your warranty

Your dealership will suggest that you can just go to them for any service on your car, however really telling you to only bring your car to them is just not true. Any work completed on your car under your warranty can be performed by any auto mechanics shop — simply keep your receipts to demonstrate what was done and the amount it cost.


Warm up your car’s engine before driving in the cold

Motors do need to get ready to work correctly, yet today’s motors warm up quicker while you’re actually driving. Running your vehicle before driving in colder climate has no advantage other than warming up the cabin.


You should replace all four tires at the same time

You can change them out at whatever point. Simply make a point to have them rotated at every oil change to extend their life.

Furthermore, you don’t really need to buy another tire on the off chance that you get a flat on just one. On the off chance that the puncture harmed the sidewall or is bigger than a quarter-inch in distance across the tire a technician will not be able to plug or repair the flat. The fix will keep dampness out of the steel belts and reestablish your tire’s pressure.


Wash your car with dish or laundry soap

While this may sound like a decent method to save money, washing your vehicle with dish or clothing soap really harms the vehicle’s paint job. Rather than adding to paint chipping off and rust imprints, pay for decent vehicle car wash detergent. It’s intended to not damage the car’s paint.


A battery will recharge following a jump start after a short period of driving

It takes long stretches of charging to bring a battery that was dead to full charge — particularly in colder temperatures. Parts like warmed seats, the radio, and lights pull a ton of current from the alternator, leaving minimal left for energizing a battery.

It’s ideal to drive around for a few hours to take your vehicle’s battery back to a full charge. Brief, minute-lengthy drives may leave you with a dead battery whenever you attempt to turn on your vehicle the next time.

Transmission fluid should be flushed every 50,000 miles

Although it is usually suggested to be flushed every 50,000 miles, most modern vehicles utilize a transmission liquid with a “long life.” It’s designed to keep going for up to 100,000 miles or even the life expectancy of the vehicle. This is depending on vehicles, so dependably check your car maker for requests on when to flush the fluid.


Roll down the windows instead of using the air conditioner for better fuel economy

In reality, rolling the windows down or impacting the AC has little effect toward eco-friendliness. Rolling down the windows expands wind opposition, in which the car uses more gas. The vehicle should consume much more fuel to make up for its disturbed aerodynamics.

The general effect of both AC or down windows on eco-friendliness is minimal — neither truly benefits over the other.

Refueling in the morning saves you money on gas

Gas grows with warmth, so a typical conviction perseveres that emptying hotter fuel into your tank means you’re getting less fuel. Fuel pumped at the beginning of the day would be cooler and enable you to get more into your tank for less expense.

In opposition to this fantasy, gas is generally put away underground. It is protected from temperature changes, so when you refuel, weather does not really have any effect toward the amount of fuel you’re getting.

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I want to Thank Irving for the excellent, quick, and friendly service and most of all the great price and trust worthy. I recommend Kingdom Auto Repair service.

Carolyn K

My car is my baby, and Irving took care of it with patience and love. The staff are always friendly and receptive to my questions, making the auto shop experience easy and enjoyable. Next time I need any work, I know who to call.

Reese Mathers

I took me a while with dealing with bad Mechanics just wanting my $$. I was referred by my father & ever since then I have not stop coming to get my cars needs…Great pricing compare to others around. Actually explained what was wrong with the car before automatically fixing like others have done in the past. GREAT PRICING, HONEST MECHANIC …ASK FOR IRVING. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Art Gomez

First off great customer service, Irving Calderon the manager was quick and hard working. He serviced my car for a thermostat replacement, water pump, changed 2 radiator hoses, and cleaned my engine in two hours and told me and showed me everything he did. Came in with an overheated car, now everything is running smoothly

Cynthia C


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