The fast answer, yes.

First let’s talk about what ‘performance’ means regarding a vehicle engine. This version of performance is in regard to gas mileage mainly. If your engine is running old and sludgy oil will lessen your fuel economy. By how much? Hard to say for sure but regardless it isn’t going to be good for your engine.

When the oil thickens and becomes sludgy because it’s past due to change, it loses lubricity and makes the engine work harder. Then when your engine is exposed to heat in this old and sluggy state it will lose the ability to maintain the viscosity that the oil was designed for with your engine. Without the right viscosity, the oil loses the essential ability to get where it needs to go in the engine. The engine runs hotter and less efficiently, raiding the engine of both gas mileage AND horsepower.

How Sludge Affects Performance

Old oil that is past due for a change is a formula for developing oil sludge. The sludge will inevitably block the oil flow, which will limit the oil’s capability to flow where oil needs it to be. These parts don’t get the lubrication they need. The sludge also insulates hot parts of the engine, which is a bad thing. Part of the function of oil is to draw heat after from engine parts. If they’re covered in sludge, they stay hotter longer and their life is reduced.

Like we said, the short answer – Yes.

Old oil will reduce engine performance, lower its horsepower, reduces mileage and after time it will shorten the vehicle’s life. Be sure to get your oil change in accordance with the recommendations of your vehicle owner’s manual.

Not changing your oil often enough allows harmful dirt, particulates and acids to degrade key engine parts. It also increases the buildup of sludge and lessens the oil’s ability to dissipate heat, increasing engine stress. So not changing your oil often enough is a bad idea.

To go without getting your oil changed is risky for several reasons, the main reason it is dangerous is because your engine needs lubrication in order to run properly and not seize up – which will ruin your engine for good. Be sure to take care of your engine and set up an appointment with us at Kingdom Auto Repair to have your oil changed.