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Maintenance Service Extends the Life of Your Vehicle

At KAR we understand that the most important maintenance service your car needs is changing the engine oil. Oil is the lifeblood of your car. It keeps all the moving components within your engine lubricated and working smoothly together. Without it, your engine cannot perform as intended and in extreme cases, an engine can lock up. Keeping current with your cars basic maintenance services will not only save you time but also money in long run.

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

Not too long ago, the standard maintenance schedule was every 3,000 miles or every 3 months. Today, with advancements in oil and synthetics, cars can go 5,000 miles or even 10,000 miles before requiring service. Determining when to get your oil changed can be as simple as looking at your owner’s manual or stopping by our shop. Every car make and model is different; some require synthetic oil, synthetic blends, or conventional oil. If your car has high mileage, there is also an oil for that. We can help you determine what type and when your car requires service. Our technicians are always happy to help.

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What is Completed During the Service?

At KAR we not only perform the standard changing of oil, we also conduct a safety inspection; this includes brakes, tires, lights and other important features within your vehicle. During your service, we will drain the old oil and replace up to 5 quarts of quality motor oil, replace your fuel filter, and a safety inspection will be completed. Additionally, we will check and top off other fluids. Safety is one of our top priorities and we make sure your vehicle leaves our shop safe and in better condition than when it entered.

What Does Oil Do for My Car?

There are three main functions of engine oil. It lubricates, keeps moving parts working smoothly, helps withdraw heat from the combustion chamber, and prevents carbon buildup. Additionally, oil has additives; detergents, dispersants, rust combatants, and friction reducers. When you fail to have your engine oil changed regularly, dirt accumulates and the additives within oil break down; causing a loss of viscosity and eventually will become sludge like.

If this happens, your engine will not be capable of performing efficiently and can be at risk of seizing. Oil is probably one of the most important things your car requires, this is one service you don’t want to postpone.

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It is vitally important that you are carrying out regular maintenance on your vehicle. While you are having your oil changed, ask our technicians to inspect your tires for proper inflation and wears, brake pad wears, and transmission fluid level.

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