Transmission Repairs

Common Warning Signals

There are a few warning signals that can alert you to the need of transmission repair.
Here are a few of the most common:

Check engine light

Strong burning smell

Noisy while in neutral

Whining, hum, or clunking noise

Won’t go into gear


Dragging clutch

Lack of response

Gears slipping

Leaking or low fluid

Transmission light

Come in for a free inspection

At the first sign of any of the above systems, call us and come in to KAR to have one of our top-rated mechanics for an inspection. And don’t forget to have our technician also inspect your engine oil leveltires for proper inflation and wears, and the brake pads.

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Fantastic service , honesty and transparency for me as customer was top priority! Highly recommend it and price was the best compare to all my previous experiences

Rabi H.

Great service. Reasonably priced. Went in on Memorial Day after calling around and finding that they were one of the only shops around my area. Read past reviews and decided to give them a chance.Had a problem with my break light and they fixed it and also got an oil change. Cars running great now.

Trina F.


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