How an Engine Works

An engine works similarly to other internal combustible engines, though they are a more sophisticated and quality design. With all motorized engines there is a blower fan which heats and cools your engine to ensure it works properly at the correct operating temperatures. The motor attached to this fan is one of the pivotal pieces of your HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air condition) system. This HVAC system operates internally, and it is what gives your car cabin heat in the wintertime or A/C in the summer. Generally, when it isn’t working, you’ll be aware of it.

Common Problems

A common problem that is found with many engines is the incorrect electric current measurement when the engine was installed. This can create a “burn out” in the electrical circuits that will short out the motor and the blower will be unable to push any air out through the system. If you believe this happens be sure to bring it into Jorge Alonso Auto Repair for a diagnosis.

When to get Help

If you believe that your HVAC system isn’t working properly or if you hear your fans straining to work, this would be a good time to bring your vehicle to the shop. Unlike other mechanical pieces of your engine that have a recommended lifetime and when they should be replaced, blower motors don’t have that, they only need to be replaced when they begin to fail. Unless there is an electrical shortage or your blower motor fails all together, you will start to hear the motor begin to wear which is a good indication on when it should be replaced.

If you have any other questions about your blower motor, the fan or the HVAC system be sure to reach out to us at Kingdom Auto Repair so we can answer any questions you might have regarding your car.