There aren’t many worse feelings than the one you get from sitting in a traffic jam only to see your vehicle’s temperature gauge begin to rise. Often, drivers can be noticed switching the AC to heat and rolling down the windows to get the situation under control. However, sometimes, regardless of what the individual does, there is no stopping the motor from overheating. Then, they either find themselves broken down in the lane, or pulled over on the shoulder, waiting for things to cool off. 

The Thermostat Could Be To Blame

It can be pretty challenging to diagnose an overheating issue, especially if the vehicle owner doesn’t have much experience with working on cars. Many times, a sticking thermostat is to blame for the high temperatures. As such, thermostat replacement will be necessary to get everything back on track. In most vehicles, the piece is located near the water pump beneath a housing. Some persons may elect to complete the thermostat replacement on their own, and that is fine. 

However, Garden Grove residents that don’t want to get their hands dirty can contact Kingdom Auto Repair to schedule thermostat replacement. Then again, folks that do not have the necessary tools to tackle the task may want to consider giving the office a call too. Our mechanics are ready, willing, and able to get your ride purring like a kitten once again. 

A Stopped Up Radiator Might Be At Fault

Over time, a car’s radiator can become clogged with rust and calcium deposits. In other words, the antifreeze or water doesn’t flow through the engine correctly. Heck, in some cases, the liquid won’t even move at all. If the condition is reversible, a mechanic can probably flush the system to get the passages open. Meanwhile, in other instances, the radiator itself might have to be replaced. Regardless of your situation, our shop is prepared to get your car fixed up in a jiffy. So, what are you waiting for? If circulation problems are a concern, don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members and discuss your options.